samedi 12 mars 2011


so i have been bouncing ideas around for a while now about what exactly my "documentary" should be about and it has not been and easy decision to make. i've danced around with multiple social and economical issues, such as the squatter population and La Rambla touristic terror, but none have captured my heart as much as ROCK CLIMBING and the community it includes. Climbing, or more specifically bouldering, is an activity i already enjoy back in the states. But, being able to continue doing it here and finding that the community of people are just as, for lack of a better word, cool and friendly with anyone has truly been my best experience here in Spain. it is for this reason i want my final project to be a documentary on the climbing community and the relationships that blossom from a common passion. my only regret is that i will also be climbing through out Europe and will be staying with other climbers (compliments of but it is not until after our final project is due.

dimanche 6 mars 2011


My photographic idiom is all about the marco. I love revealing the smaller universe around us and show new angles on the world that we live in that would otherwise go unseen. Some of my favorites are of nature and flowers looking up to monumental piece of architecture. It really messes with your sense of scale but also is an interesting commentary on the odd mix of nature and the city that we currently live in. Usually, I try to leave out people so that I have complete control over your since of placement in the photo but that is not to say it can’t still be done. Another one of my favorite photos was taken recently when I was slacklining with my new Barcelona friends. It is taken directly up the slackline pointing at Ed. The lines on the slackline shoot you straight at him but the angle is such that he appears to be a giant balancing on the end of this massive rope! All-in-all I just enjoy messing with people and shoving new ideas and perspectives at them, whether they like it or not.  

mercredi 2 mars 2011

new places new friends

this past week i've made friends with a local climbing guy Ed and his friends. we found each other on my tumblr when i posted a question to "Fuck Yeah Climbing" desperately trying to find a local climbing tunnel (its a revamped traffic tunnel on Montjuic made for rock climbers and boulders). Ed was the one answered my desperate plea for help and since then we have become fast and good friends! expanding my circle and becoming friend with locals is a more rewarding experience then i ever thought it would be and i cant wait to see what happens in the next few months!

this is from one time Ed and i slackligned in the Citadel Park