jeudi 24 février 2011


This photo was taken while I was on my class trip to Toledo, Spain this week/weekend (note:that is why my last blog post was late because I only had my iphone with me) and I believe many of Mr. Wright’s “rules” can be applied to it. First of all I had to get down and dirty in order to get this shot. I was bent over, knees in the mud, and hanging over the edge to a 50ft castle wall all in pursuit for this shot. Needless to say it was a bit beyond the call of duty Mr. Wright called for but we sacrifice ourselves for our art. There are also the angles of the composition for this photo that’s, while I was hanging on for my life, were all very carefully constructed. The transversing line created by the rock wall itself stretches from corner to corner creating a tile to the image. But this is then balanced by the heavy green moss and reaching blades of grass on the far right. There was also a considerable amount of shots before and after this one all taken at different angles and with different settings. With this final product I ended up using a wide angle lens, my macro setting on high, and a neat filter that comes on my camera names “pin hole”. It  is a reference to an old style photography in which light was let in from a single tiny hole in a box onto film in order to create a picture. Pin hole camera’s are extremely easy and affordable to make now-a-days but I prefer my little setting on my digital camera, at least for now.  I wouldn’t particularly say the lecture was helpful, any art or art related major should already know a great deal about composition or basic photography, but it did help me explain why I take photographs to way I do.

Here are some of some photo I took this fall on my film camera that I am quite proud of: 

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  1. I need to learn how to use a real, film camera. Your photos are beautiful! I wonder, is the soft glow due to the process of transferring film to physical photo or is that an aspect you tried to achieve while snapping the pictures? Either way, it's nice.

  2. well all of these were taken on expired film and so that has a lot to do with how they turned out! :P
    also the last 2 i accidentally exposed the film so thats where the fun colors came from!